Session Description

The transition from a staff member or peer volunteer to management can be a difficult advancement if you do not have experience in leading people or groups. This session will provide you with a foundation for understanding the requirements necessary when making this transition and increase your overall effectiveness while in the workplace. In the session, you will have a chance to learn more about your leadership style and how to lead and build on your strengths and natural abilities. We also will discuss strategies to assist those new in management roles to lead and supervise individuals that are more experienced or their peer professionally. Lastly, we will discuss strategies to manage conflict and how to motivate your staff/volunteers to bring out their best skills and abilities.


  • Participants will evaluate their management style and concerns about managing their peers and people with more experience.
  • Participants will learn strategies to supervise, lead and evaluate their team that increases the outcomes and  overall positive feelings in the work or service environment
  • Participants will leave with a plan for their personal leadership style that motivates and supports their work with peers and subordinates.